Friday, 20 August 2010

Mass Observation Community Online (MOCO)

Dear Greenacre Project,

We at the MOCO Project want to thank you for the contributions that
have come from your group so far. You can see all contributions from
your members here: Greenacre Project

“A Day in your Life” 12th September

On Sunday the 12th of September we will be continue with our Mass
Observationinspired 12th of the month submission drive.  As with our
August initiative we would like to get as manygroups as possible to
participate but this month we are proposing that groupmembers become
Mass Observers for the day.  Mass Observation had a team of observers
that went into avariety of public situations: meetings, religious
occasions, sporting andleisure activities, in the street and at work,
and recorded people's behaviourand surroundings in as much detail as
possible. The material they produced is avaried documentary account of
life in Britain.   We are encouraging community group members to be
Observersfor a day to record life in your community.

Last submission day 20th September

Monday 20th September will be the last day that we accept
submissions.Unfortunately the project is already coming to a close
after all positiveengagement we have had with groups across the country.

Answer our questionnaire: this task gives your group members a unique opportunity to answer a historical MO questionnaire from the 1930s!


Keep a diary for a day: this task invites individuals to write a diary about their experiences and feelings for a day.

Keep a diary for a day

Observe life in a café: this task invites individuals to observe and record life in a café for an afternoon.

Record life in a cafe

Photograph a street: this task invites individuals to take 6 photos or a 5 minute video of their neighbourhood or an area of interest.

Photograph a street

All submissions received before September 20th will remain on the MOCO
website for at least the next three years and will also be donated to
the MassObservation Archive at the University of Sussex.
 Additionally,each community group will receive a copy of their group's
submissions at theend of the project.
Please encourage your group members to participate throughout August
and September so that both your group and the MOCO archive can benefit
from further contributions!

Concluding Workshop 22nd September

The last workshop is open to everyone who has participated or who is
interested in learning more about the project and the outcomes. The
workshopwill include a technical session on how to use MOCO style
submission forms sothat community groups can use similar strategies on
their own websites.

12.30 – 4.30 Wednesday 22nd September, Universityof Sussex, Brighton.
Workshop is free and travel is reimbursed.

Register onlinehere.

All the best,

Mass Observation Communities Online (MOCO)
A JISC funded project
Centre for Community Engagement
and The Mass Observation Archive
University of Sussex
Tel: 01273 877 657

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