Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Parks and Green spaces in the London Borough of Barnet are under threat of privatisation.

1) There is a ‘consultation’ going on at the moment therefore it suggests that it has already been decided and is going ahead.
2) Barnet Council refer to these EIGHT spaces as a ‘pilot’ scheme which suggests if successful they could be extended to other parks and green spaces.
3) Although they’re producing maps they also indicate that the area for hire could be moved to a more suitable place in the park or extended in area. They also say that areas could be cordoned off for ‘car parking’.

Public open spaces are there for the general public to use not for private functions. The use of our green spaces for private function is not acceptable and should be strongly resisted. THERE IS A PUBLIC CONSULTATION ENDING ON 16TH JANUARY 2012 BY WHICH TIME ANY OBJECTIONS MUST BE RAISED – ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

‘An event such as a wedding or private party. In general Private events are anticipated to have an attendance of up to 499 persons, though depending on location and event requirements this could be lower. Events that require higher attendance will be considered though would be subject to a Temporary Events Notice (TEN). The following parks have been identified as pilot sites for private events:
1) Highland Gardens (EN5)
2) Victoria Park (N3)
3) Hendon Park (NW4)
4) Scratchwood (NW7)
5) Edgwarebury Park (HA8)
6) Oak Hill Park (EN4)
7) Lyttleton Playing Fields (N2)
8) Princes Park (NW11)
Should there be demand for additional sites then further consultation will be completed.’


Richard Cornelius, Leader of Barnet Council:
and cc: Councillor Brian Coleman:
Local MP, Mike Freer:
Consultation feedback: e&

Also, pick two or three (or more) of the following Ward Councillors, and email them too:
Councillor Anne Hutton at
Councillor Geof Cooke at
Councillor Alan Schneiderman at
Councillor Ross Houston at
Councillor Kathy McGuirk at
Councillor Jim Tierney at
Councillor Alison Moore at
Councillor Andrew McNeil at
Councillor Colin Rogers at
Councillor Dan Thomas at
Councillor Eva Greenspan at
Councillor Graham Old at

Key Concerns:

PUBLIC PARKS: Should not be used for PRIVATE functions
NOISE: Early evening events are likely to disturb children or keep them awake. Heavy vehicles/machinery setting up and dismantling events, and removing rubbish etc. will create a lot of disturbance.
ROAD SAFETY: A maximum of 499 people are proposed at each event with the potential of approx. 250 cars. The resulting road congestion has serious implications for road safety.
CHILD SAFETY: These events will be near the children’s playground. This has a knock-on effect on the safety of those children using the playground, as well as those with pushchairs,
scooters, bikes etc. coming to and from the park on foot.
ACCESS: Park facilities could be closed or severely limited and public access would be curtailed in
favour of paying groups or individuals.
ENVIRONMENT: The turf, plantings, trees and shrubs will suffer significant cumulative damage from each event.
RUBBISH: Every event will generate rubbish including disturbance and disruption of trucks coming to and fro.
CRIME: Police statistics demonstrate heightened crime when certain public events are held.
PROCESS: Although a number of signs have been posted on the park gates, most homes have not
been mailed or notified. The council has not followed the correct administrative process.
CONCLUSION: The wellbeing of local residents will be affected.


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  1. I have sent in my objections - on the grounds that our parks are for the public, for healthy pass-times and not noise, alcohol, parking cars or access for delivery vans etc. Also that it sounds very unlikely that this could be a good way to raise money. It's an ill-conceived plan on every level.