Monday, 23 January 2012

Private Events? NO! Privatisation & Closure of Public Parks

Greenacre Project, attended Golders Green and Hendon Residents forum this evening.

A question put to council by a resident went like this:
'The Council has just announced plans to hire out parts of some of our local parks for private functions and other events. I would like to know:
a) Is it the intention of the council to allow any of these parks to be fully closed to the public for any event?'

Answer: 'It is not the Council's intention to close entire parks for an event, however if it was appropriate to close a park (this is the current position practice also) for a large event this would be considered. If a park was to be closed for an event a statutory closure notice advertising the event and closure would be carried out.

The Greenacre Project left the meeting thoroughly demoralised; couldn't understand why Labour councillors were not vocalising their support against Private Events in Parks and said they seemed more interested in street lamps and park benches! We concluded that the whole Labour vs. Conservative - Private Events in Parks is a sham. We predicted that at the Council meeting tomorrow - Conservatives will win the vote and the PRIVATISATION of parks will have begun. We went on to say how one local resident had been told in person by Brian Coleman when asked about private events in parks, that: 'People voted for us. They voted for privatisation; and they're going to get privatisation!'

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