Friday, 29 June 2012

Update on Private Events in Parks

A revised policy will go before Cabinet on July 17 with recommendations to remove Victoria Park, Lyttelton Playing Fields and Highlands Gardens from the proposal.

Over one thousand people originally objected to the council’s Events in Parks consultation and opposed the plans.

Council reported that people were worried about increased crime, noise pollution, litter and parking problems as well as damage to the parks in the borough. But the main reason for the objection was succinctly put, 'The proposals go against all principles of public open space being open and accessible to all members of society at all times and are hugely unpopular with local residents.'

The Greenacre Project will continue to campaign to have parks for public use only and get those which could still be affected by the policy, including Edgwarebury Park, Hendon Park, Scratchwood, Oak Hill Park and Princes Park removed from the list.

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